This was an idea started out of LoVe....

but unfortunately continues out of NeeD....

Can you HeLp ?

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

MaiL from WA

Maria & her DD Sandra sent me 4 Blankets of Love.

Maria also knitted 2 beanies for the hospital as well.

Both ladies are very generous for making a donation & are now considered 2015 AnGeLs.
From Sandra...
Thank You so very much !!!
Hugs Cheryll

Monday, January 19, 2015


of two FULL boxes of Blankets of Love went to the John Hunter Hospital last week.
I would like to THANK every wonderful person who has donated to this project.
Hugs Cheryll  xox

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

GeNerOUs LaDies

Lea and Lola... donated 2 blankets this week.
Aren't they GoRGeoUs...
Lea made one as an EPP demonstration in a class she holds... & Lola made one too & then donated it to this project.  Wasn't that a wonderful gesture by BOTH ladies!
I've shown Lea's blanket as a "box" block...

And then turned Lola's one... & doesn't it look different...

Into the box they go for delivery to one of the five hospitals we support.
Thanks Ladies... You are both AnGeLs...
Hugs Cheryll 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Country Hospital

While I was visiting Bathurst last weekend... I stopped & made a donation of 14 Blankets to the base hospital birthing unit.
Again the nurses were happy to accept them... & mentioned how talented YOU ladies were in making them. Of course I always knew that fact... but now the world does too!
These blankets were headed straight for the ward for viewing by the other staff... lol

Thanks ladies for being so generous. You are ALL angels!
Hugs Cheryll

Monday, November 24, 2014

A Delivery

My SIL delivered some Blankets to the Port Macquarie Base Hospital... on the mid north coast of NSW... last week for me.
They were happily accepted and the NIC was very appreciative of all the work YOU ladies put into these gorgeous Blankets of Love.
We now have 5 hospitals we are supporting. WOW... that's amazing!!!

Thanks to all the "AnGeLs" out there!
Hugs Cheryll xox

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

From LoVeLy LaDieS

2 friends from the wonderful MiLLRoSiE group gave me some blankets to bring home.
Sue ... from here... made the owl quilt & 4 butterfly quilts ( 2 medium size & 2 small).

Marg ... made some colourful ones... 2 large & 3 medium sized.

Both ladies are just so generous & supportive of this project.
Of course I've always known they were angels... but now... so do you!
Thanks lovely ladies xox
 Hugs Cheryll

Monday, November 17, 2014

GoRGeoUs EmBroiDerY

Two blankets arrived from Trish...
The workmanship is perfect and the embroidery is just sooo very cute!

Thank You so very much Trish... these two cuties will be treasured I'm sure!
If you would like to visit Tricia's blog...just click HERE
Hugs CheryLL xox