This was an idea started out of LoVe....

but unfortunately continues out of NeeD....

Can you HeLp ?

Wednesday, June 20, 2018


arrived in the mail this week... from JiLL.
I always love the blankets Jill sends...
Thank You Jill... 
once again you are an AnGeL.
* * * * *

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

MoRe MaiL

arrived this week all the way from Western Australia .
Sandra was very generous in making & donating 5 Blankets of Love.
Every single one of these treasures are gorgeous, colourful & very well made.
Thank you Sandra... once again ... for you are an AnGeL... xox

* * * * *

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

ThaNKs RoBYn

I received 5 beautiful Blankets from Robyn last week while I was away.
Unfortunately I am unable to locate Robyn's email address to send her an acknowledgement THANK YOU... so if you are reading this post Robyn... can you email me please...
I have it somewhere...but it eludes me for the moment.
You are once again 
an AnGeL...
* * * * *

Thursday, March 29, 2018

LoTs of MaiL

Sue sent another of her Blankets to me this week.
Isn't it a CuTe... & the quilting is beautiful.
Thank YoU once again Sue... You are a AnGeL...xox
* * * * *

And I received two gOrgeOus blankets from Tricia too.
The photo's do not do these beauties justice...
the needlework is just PeRFecT and wonderfully accurate.
Once again Tricia ... you are an AnGeL... xox
* * * * *

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

TwO BeauTieS

I received a parcel from Maria all the way from W.A.
Her 2... simply GOrgeOuS blankets... are so pretty, colourful & perfectly stitched.
I even LoVe the backing fabric.
THANK YOU Maria... 
for always being so generous with your donations.
You are an AnGeL.
* * * * *

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Large Package

Robyn was very generous by donating an amazing 10 blankets to this project.
I will be taking a box over to the John Hunter Childrens Hospital... here in Newcastle... during the next few weeks... so Robyn's blankets will be included.
All the blankets Robyn sent are beautiful and so very colourful. They will be treasured I'm sure.
Thank You Robyn... you are once again...
An AnGeL...

* * * * *

PLeaSe NoTe

I recently received notification from one of the hospitals who takes the really small blankets advising that they have enough for the time being. Although I will gratefully accept any sized Blankets of Love... the most common needed size is around 20 inch.
I hope if I have offended anyone by my asking for a specific size... I apologise.
Most hospitals like the larger ones & I try to accommodate their requests when I can.
Thanks for any & all donations... 
you are all AnGeLs...