This was an idea started out of LoVe....

but unfortunately continues out of NeeD....

Can you HeLp ?

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Story so far.......

I read an article in "Down Under Quilts" magazine several years ago about this sad but inspiring story. It moved me to tears and as I have a friend who lost a child (cancer sufferer) & although it was many years ago now, I still remember her story. My friend brought her daughter home from hospital in a say their final Goodbyes.
I cried when she told me and have never forgotten it.
When I read  about the "Blankets of Love" programme (it was actually a quilters contest) and all quilts made would be handed over to various participating hospitals, I tried to donate. But after numerous emails I was unable to make contact with anyone. I had aways had it in the back of my mind to donate quilts I made but like most good intentioned people I never quite got around to it... but it has bothered me !! 

SO I finally decided to make contact with our local regional hospital and enquire about donations.
I was told that they would love to accept quilts made from "LoVe" so finally I had found a home for my little quilts. It was so simple in the end... I wonder why it took me soooo long to make the phone call.

My HoPe..... to have a bi-annual "drive" to gather from anyone interested, quilts made for this very worthwhile initiative.
If you are interested in making a tiny quilt & donating it....
please contact Cheryll.

For quilt measurements.... go to "Making QUiLtS" on sidebar for details.
Visit the "PhOtO GaLLeRy" for inspiration.

ThAnKs... Quilters are amazing people ! 

Saturday, September 18, 2010

How it Started

"Blankets of Love" is a wonderful initiative started in Australia in 1992 by two sisters, one a midwife (Jan Polverino) and one a quilter (Shirley Zions) to offer beautiful small quilts to parents of babies who have died at or around the time of birth as a lasting memento. This program is now widespread across Australia and beyond largely due to media attention and Down Under Quilts magazine together with Bernina's Blankets of Love Challenge.

The "Blankets of Love" program assists the grieving families by not only providing a memento and celebration of their babies, but it also provides an opportunity for people to speak out about the loss of a baby.
Jan wrote " The aim is simple: to provide beautifully handmade quilts to families who suffer the loss of a baby. Parents keep the quilt and take it home. They are also a symbol that the baby is precious and significant. They are offered as gifts (not forced) and an explanation is given to parents".
One mother said she could smell her baby on the quilt which brought her some comfort. She kept it with other mementos of her child's short life.

The blankets can aid in the healing process and one unexpected outcome of this program is that it has given the community and extraordinary opportunity to speak about pregnancy losses, stillbirth and neonatal death.

If you are interested in making a small quilt and donating it, please do so as you really can make a difference to a grieving family.

Contact Cheryll for details.
or go to Making QUiLtS on sidebar for more info.....