This was an idea started out of LoVe....

but unfortunately continues out of NeeD....

Can you HeLp ?

Friday, January 14, 2011

Donations Handed Over

In October 2o1o, I promoted my yearly drive for donations to this wonderful cause. Two lovely and generous quilters sent along 3 blankets and so today hubby and I delivered all 12 blankets to the John Hunter Children's Hospital here in Newcastle (New South Wales- Australia). This hospital is a regional one which covers an area the size of Britain (that's huge) and sadly the neo-natal unit needed 19 blankets in 2o1o.
I know the offering of these Blankets of Love makes a difference to bereaving families and so I urge anyone interested in donating a tiny blanket to contact me anytime in the future. I am so grateful for the opportunity to help in this manner and it definitely is a "FeeL GooD" programme.

This "Angel" can now be proudly displayed on the blogs of the two wonderful quilters Joyce and Crafty Pug.

ThAnK YoU both... for your generosity!

This unit has 41 beds and over 90 nursing staff.

This beautiful sculpture is adorning the waiting area.

Handing over the BLaNkEtS of LoVe
to Maree. (Unit supervisor).