This was an idea started out of LoVe....

but unfortunately continues out of NeeD....

Can you HeLp ?

Making QuiLtS

It is important that the quilts be made as well as possible as they will become an important memento for the receiving family.
The larger quilts should be approximately 16-24 inch square...but please NO larger. Some can be smaller for pre-term babies ~see more on this below *

The blankets can be as simple as a pre-printed panel, a block with borders, an all-over pieced design or one with applique. You can either machine or hand sew the quilts & they should be finished with a binding as usual.
Fabrics should be cotton or flannel & may be pastel or bright, patterned or plain, colourful or simple.
You can use thin batting such as pellon or no batting if you use flannel on one or both sides... or regular cotton batting like in "normal" quilts if you prefer.

There is no need to attach a label ... but you can if you wish. I find a plain "label" on the blanket somewhere is wonderful. This allows the family to write the baby's name and some details on it if they so wish.

THANK YOU but please NO MORE OF THIS SIZE are needed... as I have lots on hand...
*For the pre 20 week, extremely premature & premmie babies a smaller size is needed. These tiny blankets can range in sizes from 8 inch up to 16 inch square. There is no need to add batting & I find a flannel backing is best. You can make these tiny ones using the bagged method.
You can also attach a "Memory Patch" for parents who decide to bury their child with a blanket or patch... then they can keep the other as their memory... see pic below.

All the quilts are very light so postage costs are minimal, however....
if you want to donate a top only (makes postage cost even less), I will be more than happy to back & bind it on your behalf. 
Your name will then be included on the honour LiSt.

Just remember the most important thing....make it with LoVe !

Thank You for helping.

Full size Blanket of Love - 16in - 24in
Premmie size below is 8 inch square
with a "Memory Patch"  attached at 3.5inch square.
These premmie blankets can be 8in up to 16in.