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Monday, September 20, 2010

The Story so far.......

I read an article in "Down Under Quilts" magazine several years ago about this sad but inspiring story. It moved me to tears and as I have a friend who lost a child (cancer sufferer) & although it was many years ago now, I still remember her story. My friend brought her daughter home from hospital in a say their final Goodbyes.
I cried when she told me and have never forgotten it.
When I read  about the "Blankets of Love" programme (it was actually a quilters contest) and all quilts made would be handed over to various participating hospitals, I tried to donate. But after numerous emails I was unable to make contact with anyone. I had aways had it in the back of my mind to donate quilts I made but like most good intentioned people I never quite got around to it... but it has bothered me !! 

SO I finally decided to make contact with our local regional hospital and enquire about donations.
I was told that they would love to accept quilts made from "LoVe" so finally I had found a home for my little quilts. It was so simple in the end... I wonder why it took me soooo long to make the phone call.

My HoPe..... to have a bi-annual "drive" to gather from anyone interested, quilts made for this very worthwhile initiative.
If you are interested in making a tiny quilt & donating it....
please contact Cheryll.

For quilt measurements.... go to "Making QUiLtS" on sidebar for details.
Visit the "PhOtO GaLLeRy" for inspiration.

ThAnKs... Quilters are amazing people ! 

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  1. Cheryll, I would love to donate. I couldn't get to your email address by clicking on your name. Please send me an email when you can. This is very special what you are doing.. Thank you, Tamara