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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Delivering Some Blankets

Canberra Hospital is just one recipient of the BLanKeTs of LoVe that are donated to me for this wonderful project. On a recent trip to Canberra I met a lovely young lady by the name of Emmalee who is now in charge of the birthing unit in this regional hospital. I was shown to the storage room where I saw all the wonderful items given to grieving families. Emmalee was very appreciative of the donations and wanted me to THANK each and everyone who has been so generous.
I was also made aware of another area that these fantastic nurses and support staff have to deal with. They need a supply of TINY blankets for the extremely premmie babies... and also for the pre 20 week fetuses. It broke my heart to see the size that is needed... I just never realised that this area of sadness had to be covered too.
I now have a whole in my heart that needs filling... so I will blog about these "tiny" sized blankets as soon as I get the chance to make one.
I will update the "Making Quilts" directions on the sidebar... asap.

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