This was an idea started out of LoVe....

but unfortunately continues out of NeeD....

Can you HeLp ?

Friday, June 26, 2015

More Cute Ones

arrived from 2 lovely ladies last week. This is the first chance I've had to show them on this blog... Sorry ladies... but they are all gorgeous and very much appreciated.
Sisbabe sent 2 of the smaller ones... just perfect...
And Fiona sent 4 larger ones & 4 of the small ones... very generous!
Both ladies are wonderful "friends" and thoughtful people for donating to this great project.
Remember ladies... you are now OFFiCiaLLy AnGeLs...

From Sisbabe...
From Fiona...
* * * * *


  1. its a pleasure.. thanks for sorting them out and sending htem to where they are needed...x

  2. Beautiful little quilts. I like the rounded edges on the smaller ones.Simple pattern but they look so effective.

  3. Beautiful blankets..well done ladies!

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