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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

In Memory of...

Christopher... the beautiful son of Elizabeth.
Elizabeth has donated many Blankets of Love and this is her story...

I have quilted butterflies on all of the blankets for my son Christopher who was 26 when he died in November 2011.  He had a metabolic condition that we always knew might end his life early but he had a lot of get up and go so we had him for 26 1/2 years.
When we went to Canberra to bring him home there were lots of butterflies, one near his room which kept flying around me. Then the next day when Michael and I took his dog for a walk, 3 or 4  were with us again. One was on the windscreen of his car as we drove home (it stayed there for a good few klms)... so I think of him as a butterfly.
He is in each of the quilts that I send to you.

I also found out & read about Elizabeth Kubler-Ross. She visited a Polish concentration camp & found the children's room walls were covered in butterflies. After 25 years EKR decided that these children knew they were going to die so left a message of hope that their souls would be reborn in a different form. This confirms my belief about Christopher being around still in that form with us today.

I added the butterfly to the labels to comfort other grieving families.
I hope you don't mind that I shared Christopher’s story with you.
Making these small quilts gives me a sense of purpose and is such a small thing to do to help other grieving parents.


Here are the latest blankets made with love by Elizabeth...
Premmie sized Blankets of LoVe
Extrememly Premmie Baby sized ones.
Gorgeous Labels attached by Elizabeth.
 Full sized Blankets...
I really enjoy doing these & knowing that they go to a great cause has helped me with losing Christopher. Hard to explain why this is... but it is. 

You can visit a blog Elizabeth publishes on... HERE.


  1.'s a bit hard to see through a few tears here after reading that post. I have completely different reasons for sewing these, but I am feeling lucky that I have not ever been through the pain of losing a child myself. Thank you, Cheryll, for sorting these things out so we are able to comfort others. xx debbie

  2. Thanks Cheryll. A fitting tribute to Christopher, and I know that he will be looking after those little souls in Heaven.

  3. a beautiful story and such a caring lady,sending big hugs.xx

  4. Well done Cheryll. There are lots of people & families that these blankets help.
    Good on you Liz. I think of you often knowing how hard it is. I do like our little chats.

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