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Sunday, February 2, 2014

New SizeS

On my recent delivery to one of the hospitals these donations go to... I became aware of the different sizes of blanket needed to cover the various ages of these unfortunate babies. Although the original size of 24 inch was suitable for full term babies they are just too large for the pre 20 week, extremely premature & premmie babies. The nurse in charge showed me the size that are needed and it broke my heart. Eight inch squares... yes you read it correctly 8 inch... & then any size in between these tiny ones & the full sized blanket.
In the past someone had donated a few wee ones and one even had a "memory" patch added. Some families choose to bury the baby with one and keep the other as a memory. I think that is a wonderful idea so from now on some of the blankets I make will have these patches added. These tiny blankets are not quilted, have flannel backing & are made using the bagged method.
I've also amended the "Making Quilts" tab on the sidebar... to suggested sizes.

Here is one with a "Memory Patch"... which is 3.5 inch square... with the blanket being 8 inch square.
10 inch size.
12 inch size.
If you would like to make a donation... please feel free to contact me.


  1. Reading your post Chez, brought fresh pain to I lost my first child..something that never leaves you......back then there was no programmes of support....the treatment I received was cruel and callous.....I grieved for four our loss.....and it took courage after nine years to try again for our much loved is the reason, I make the Blankets Love..You may wish to delete my comment...that is ok....something I rarely speak of....but never lessens the pain......Hugs, O'faigh

  2. Yes it was sad when we lost our babies many years ago. There was no support and that is why I also make these little Quilts of Love.

  3. O'faigh is true, the loss is one that stays with you, it is wonderful to have the chance to be some small support for someone else. Thanks for sharing the new sizes. I had one in the planning, and for me the smaller sizes and without the quilting is more manageable.

  4. This is such a sad time for some. I know of a few that have lost their newborns. I have unfortunately lost my 18 year old just recently. So I know that many parents would love something they can hold on to. Well done for doing this special gift for others.

    1. Oh Jo... I am so sorry to read that... Hugs to you and your family.